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The florist accepts VISA cards (VERIFIED BY VISA), MASTER CARD

(MASTER CARD SECURE CODE) and AMERICAN EXPRESS. The synnallages made within

from a totally secure environment of Alpha Bank. Thus you have the ultimate data security

credit card. The florist does not store the data of credit

your cards.


If select payment method Paypal drive to Paypal's secure environment. If you have one account

Paypal fill your email and Paypal password.

With bank deposit.

Alternatively you can pay us by bank transfer.

Alph Bank

AFI D. Moschopoulou AND SIA. E

56 000 200 200 3689

Gr 27 0140 5600 5600 0200 2000 689

With cash.

Finally you can pay us directly in our shop or average COD in the space you want.

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Florist Moschopoulos .For further information or clarification you can call us on

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